Southern Reporter: A landscape ruined by wind turbines

From The Southern Reporter

I object to the potential additional plethora of wind turbines in the Borders, as reported in TheSouthern and national press.

The Daily Telegraph’s Scottish edition of January 9 revealed that 500 turbines will have planning permission, or be built, in the Borders by the end of the year. This does not include applications in development or the scoping survey for an additional 200 turbines in the area, including developments in the Lammermuir Hills.

I believe in clean, renewable energy generation and wholeheartedly approve of offshore turbines, hydro, wave power, and solar and photovoltaic mediums.

Scottish Borders Council has represented the views of many in this region. We have been pretty generous in the hit we have already taken in this area and planning applications should be dealt with for the constituents of the region, served by our elected officials, and not subject to the tactics of Holyrood overturning decisions on virtually every application.

Enough is enough – already the landscape has been ruined for locals, tourism and future generations. It is almost impossible to take in any of our historically and aesthetically-important landscapes without viewing these unproven monstrosities.  Read More…

From The

A Scots politician has claimed wind farm subsidies are plunging Scots into fuel poverty.

In a Scottish Government debate on fuel poverty, Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP Murdo Fraser attacked the SNP for its staunch backing of onshore wind projects.

Opponents of the Government policy have claimed the generous grants awarded to wind farm developers have pushed electricity costs through the roof, leaving Scotland with some of the highest energy bills in Europe.

The subsidies were introduced across the UK last year and are expected to have cost up to £1 billion.

They offer a huge benefit to the energy companies as they push ahead with wind power projects but their cost in added on to household bills. Read More…

From Herald Scotland:

Developers should be banned from building wind farms too close to residential areas, the Scottish Conservatives will warn today – as it emerged some £165 million has been invested in offshore projects.

The party will call for a 2km (1.24 miles) exclusion zone around homes so Scots do not have to live “under the shadow” of wind turbines.

In a major policy announcement due to take place at the Falkirk Wheel visitor attraction, the party warns too many communities are being blighted by nearby wind farms.

But the proposals would not affect small turbines on top of homes of the kind famously used by Prime Minister David Cameron. Nor could single houses claim the protection, as it would only apply to groups of homes.

The Scottish Tories say the limit is already included in planning guidelines which, it says, are too often ignored. No law changes would be necessary for the 2km limit, but ministers would need to make it clear to planning authorities the guidelines should be implemented.

The Conservatives will also warn the number of wind turbines across the countryside is set to more than double to 5000. They say the increase is in part to help meet the SNP’s green energy targets, but warns these could be overshot by as much as 34%.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson said: “It is not fair that anyone should have to live in the shadow of a turbine. The story continues…

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